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Ryan O’Dell

I’ve really enjoyed getting know Ryan. He’s an incredibly gifted cyclist who I’ve come to gain a lot of respect for over the most recent season through Adam Andelin's post ride CX reports. Adam is a guy who can go deep when competing and to hear him, week after week, recount the battles he and Ryan were having was like binge-watching a mini-series.

Ryan is soft spoken, observant, humble and has a superior sense of spatial awareness, both with respect to physics and people. For the former, he’s always in the right the place in the peloton, smooth when transitioning between positions, so much so that you almost don’t notice he’s there. He’s inspired me to improve myself in this area.

With regard to the later, he’s a great listener and observer of people; in a very short period of time he’s been able to communicate to me, with great detail, the positive aspects and characteristics of many of our teammates. If he’s identified any of their weaknesses or flaws, or shortcomings, you wouldn’t know it. Ryan never has a negative word, seeing only the good in people.

Ryan is an outstanding addition to our team in what has every indication of being among our best recruiting seasons ever. I feel a great sense of gratitude just to have the opportunity to be on the inside as his season of promise unfolds.

Welcome to Team Sierra Nevada/Reliable Racing Ryan O'Dell!

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