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In-Fallonable Ron

Ron Fallon

Ron was born and raised in Folsom, and if not for travelling up and down the Hwy 99 corridor to race his bike, might never have even ventured beyond Folsom’s city limits. His dad, like his father before him, worked the yard at the prison. Ron remembers when Riley Street ended at Lembi Park; and that was after the expansion; he is a veritable cornucopia of historical knowledge on all things Folsom.

Over the past year I’ve had a number of opportunities to ride with Ron, typically on the hillier, winter steady-state rides that are common among the racer types. Ron is incredibly strong and when he’s able to train consistently, is capable of stringing together an impressive string of top level finishes.

He’s an over-comer both on and off the bike; the forging process of his life experiences steel him for those mental challenges when the going gets tough and a man’s mettle is tested. Having climbed Holly road - that five staircase tragedy of a climb in Shingle Springs - with Ron, I can attest to his determined stamina under duress from the vantage point of observing his wheel lift steadily away from mine.

As circumstances dictated, Ron and I also wound up climbing Stony Creek road into Jackson together on the team ride this past weekend. Ron was having a nice chat while I was sucking air for thirty-five minutes and offering the occasional “uh-huh” just to prove I wasn’t dead.

I have a really good feeling about the manner and degree to which Ron will contribute to the team over the coming season and I look eagerly forward to cheering his successes on the race course, and toward building on the already gratifying camaraderie we share as teammates.

Welcome to Team Sierra Nevada/Reliable Racing Ron Fallon!

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