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About Us

Sierra Nevada Brewing has been the cornerstone of Sierra Nevada/Reliable Racing since 1998. Originally a Pro Continental squad, they became an amateur Team in 2004. Reliable Buick, GMC, Cadillac of Roseville has been a fantastic sponsor of bike racing for many years. In 2013 Reliable joined forces with Sierra Nevada Brewing to create Sierra Nevada/Reliable Racing. With Folsom Bike as the shop for Sierra Nevada/Reliable Racing, we now have incredible synergies between the riders and sponsors and it shows.
Sierra Nevada/Reliable Racing keeps rooted in the cycling community. As a Team we have been putting on races in Folsom continuously since 2004. We currently put on 2 grass-roots criterium events each year. To further our outreach to the community, we demand at least two days per season of community service work from each rider, most benefiting the local Folsom community.

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