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Houston in Folsom

In the background, the friction of rubber against asphalt, the wind divided by helmet straps, and the syncopation of pedals lapping past deep-set carbon wheels murmur like an ominous orchestral arrangement in a Netflix original movie: whoooosh-ssshhwwwwwsshh, whump, whump.

On this pre-autumnal morning I was sharing work with Eric Houston as we scrambled over the rolling terrain to rejoin the regular race ride we’d recently been dropped from; Eric due to a mechanical, and me as the result of a bio-mechanical. I didn’t know Eric at the time, but as we rode and chatted, I learned a bit about him, his life in general, and more specifically his cycling career. I found him to be affable and friendly, and supersized in stature and power. Eric can mash.

A few of my Team Sierra Nevada/Reliable Racing teammates had similar experiences with Eric and within a couple of weeks Eric’s name was presented as a guy we wanted to reach out to as a potential new addition - it was by unanimous decision that Eric was voted onto the team.

Over the course of just a few short weeks, Eric has assimilated well, both on and off the bike. With each team ride, expectations for Eric’s season are rising; he’s open to coaching, listens, learns. Combined with sound strategy, tactics, and his superior strength, the anticipation is that Eric will contribute to a number of team wins and likely a handful of podiums for himself on his way to “catting up” to the next level.

Welcome to Team Sierra Nevada/Reliable Racing Eric Houston!

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