Sac CX #3 Orangevale Park 45+ A

I know..."what did you do this time?"   I got to the race about 45 minutes

 before the start and got to do some warming up with Ryan and new teammate Ted.   Fun to get more guys out.  Even Scott P was out with his kids for the kids race.   Scott will be back soon and be able to give the podium guys a run for their money for sure.  Me...i actually got called up to the front line?  I think they bring up one random lower level placed guy every race, but I'll take it.   Like Ryan power course and pretty wide open for the most part.  The grass was still wet, so the Velcro feel was in affect.  I got a good start and was in the front 3 guys for about a half lap then a couple guy passed me.  One guy in particular passed me and he has been consistently in the top 7 or 8, so I stuck to him like glue the best I could.   On Wednesday night that week I beat him and trailed 1st by about 13 seconds in that race, so I felt like my form was coming back around.   I knew I could ride with this guy, so we were together up until the last lap with about 1/3 of the lap left.  I noticed we had reeled in a couple of other guys and passed one in the process.  He had another gear and looking back I wish I would or could had dug a little deeper, but with my average heart rate at 193 for this race...i felt pretty tapped.  I felt like a I had a pretty smooth race, but it was only good enough for 11th out of the 18 guys that started.  What's crazy about Cyclocross is the difference in this race between 5th and 12th was 44 seconds.  The guy I was with until the end moved up to 8th with 12 seconds.   Every second counts in these races.   It's a mental challenge most of the time, but it felt good to have a clean race and get in the mix for some better places.   

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