Sac Cyclocross 35+ B Race Report

Updated: Oct 18, 2018

Chad Richards during his 35+B race

This Saturday the Sac Cx Series race #1 kicked off at Bass Lake golf course. The weather was spectacular for October, not what most would call cross weather but being a California kid I enjoyed the heat. The course was relatively flat with wide lanes and plenty of passing opportunities. One small hill on the backside but I think it was pretty much a nonfactor. I am racing the 35+B this year as a result of my lap times on most races not comparable to the "A" men. Before the race started I took a practice lap knowing that the risk may be a bad starting position on the grid and my fear turned into reality. I started in the 3rd row but slotted in behind a couple fast guys hoping to ride their wheels to the front. The race started and my plan didn't turn out the way I was hoping. I ended up around 15th or so after everything settled in from the start. I worked pretty hard jumping wheels and closing gaps to the next rider up the road. As the race continued on I worked my way up into what I thought was 2nd position not knowing there was an additional rider up the road that I could not see. I did my best to try and close the gap to him and at one point I think I closed it to around 30 seconds. I ran out of steam and time in the race at this point and hung on for 3rd place. I hope to keep the momentum going and possibly podium in the 8 race series and then move up to the A's next year. This was also my first race on my new Trek Crockett and I have to say the bike fit well and handled great. Thanks to Folsom Bike for the sweet deals. We had excellent representation out there with Ryan Odell 1st 35+A, Jeremy Barnes 4th 45+A, Eric Houston 13th 35+B, Adam Andelin 9th 45+A, Chad Richards 3rd 35+B, and Erik Nelson heckling and spectating.


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